Samsoe’s landscapes

I found these pictures in my desk of Samsoe’s beautiful landscapes.

Samsoe is located in the middle of Denmark.

Nordby Bakker was formed during the last ice age. The ice has probably moved back and forth by at least three independent ice thrusts.
In the hills, lead blocks have been found in the form of rhombic porphyry from the Oslo area, cheek diabas from the Vänern area in Sweden and red oyster quartz porphyry from the Baltic
/ Naturstyrelsen

We buy havens

“We buy havens for Denmark’s birds”.
This is how the Bird life Fund and the Danish Ornithological Society present their lovely information material about the nature reserve Vaserne at Furesø and they are doing a remarkable job out there.
I did a wonderful walk from Holte to Birkerød on a stormy day. A haven for people too.