My Walk in The Shire

Sing all ye joyful, now sing all together!
The wind’s in the tree-top, the wind’s in the heather;
The stars are in blossom, the moon is in flower,
And bright are the windows of night in her tower.Dance all ye joyful, now dance all together!
Soft is the grass, and let foot be like feather!
The river is silver, the shadows are fleeting;
Merry is May-time, and merry our meeting.Sigh no more pine, till the wind of the morn!
Fall Moon! Dark be the land!
Hush! Hush! Oak, ash and thorn!
Hushed by all water, till dawn is at hand!
All Ye Joyful by J. R. R. Tolkien

Vandretur i Ejby Ådal

19 thoughts on “My Walk in The Shire

    • Hi Rosie. Thanks a lot for taking part on my hike 🙂
      Rhine-Highlands that sounds very tempting indeed!!
      All the best,

    • Thank you, Jo. It was indeed 🙂
      I looked at your latest walk and found that I’ve been close to the trail years back when on holiday in Albufeira.
      Went on a fisher boat to a bay further down the coast. Not since then have I ever been that seasick. A fishing boat rolls, it doesn’t sail 🙂 🙂

    • Hi Isabel. This place is a very seldom and lovely place: The area as a whole is home to numerous rare and uncommon plant species.
      I’ve had countless of beautiful nature experiences here ❤ 🙂

    • Mange tak, Rune. Tiden står stille, når man vandrer på smukke steder 🙂
      Jeg elsker Ejby Ådal på alle tider af året.
      Det er en lille område i bunden af Isefjorden. Tæt ved Holbæk.

  1. Härliga bilder, Hanna! 🙂 Husen med vasstak är så fina. Danskarna är de bästa på att lägga vasstak. Det är ett fint gammalt hantverk som nästan är bortglömt.

    • Tusind tak, John. Heldigvis er stråtækte huse blevet meget populære i Danmark, og du har ret, husene er utrolig smukke!!

    • Thanks a lot, Montucky!! The area isn’t very big but it’s a very poetic landscape which makes me think of Tolkien’s universe of The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings and The Shire 🙂

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