The Oldest Oak in Northern Europe

We did this walk, while the heat wave swept across Denmark!
I’ve read about hiking trips in Corsica. “GR 20 – the toughest long distance trail in Europe”.
It’s mountainous terrain, but the biggest challenge is to get enough water.
Here comes my point; I craved for water on this walk in Denmark.
The planned route is about 10 kilometers. But it felt like 20 kilometers a least.
Just like a hike on the GR 20 at the end of the stages –
The reason for our visit was three very old oaks, the oldest of which is still alive.
King-Oak is the name of the tree and the age is between 1,500 and 2,000 years old.
A genuine Ent!
Northern Europe’s oldest oak tree, Quercus robur subsp. robur.
Location: 55;54.621N+11;59.356E

Don’t forget your lunch and lemonade and leave only your footprints behind ❤

Sometimes special stories stick to you.
I fell for this story when I was a child and my family keeps the memory alive with small selected figures of frogs.
Not often, but with love 🙂

Once upon a time there was a tiny frog, who loved marmalade.
One day the frog was in a brilliant chatty mood, so it told all the other animals, who were passing by, how high it cherished marmalade.
A pig went by the pond where the frog looked up with big eyes.
What is your favourite food, asked the frog.
I love truffles, said the pig. What is your favourite food?
I love marmalade, said the frog with a broad smile.
A moment later a sheep went by the pond.
What is your favourite food, asked the frog. I love grass, said the sheep.
The frog was on the strain of eagerness to talk about his favourite food.
Thus went the whole day to tell the other animals about the lovely marmalade.
A stork heard the little frog talk about his favourite food.
He flew down to the frog looking him in the eyes.
What is your favourite food, asked the little frog.
I love the small wide-mouthed frogs, said the stork.
What is your favourite food, asked the stork.
I love “SYLTETØJ”, said the little wide-mouthed frog
By pronunciation the Danish word SYLTETØJ the mouth is pursed and thereby the little frog was rescued by a synonym for marmalade 🙂

A Walk In The Bog

We did a walk late June before the drought did its marking.
There are still places to be found without the dried yellow dusty sign from the strange weather we are experiencing.
I met an old man today. He told me that the trees outside his estate were barely alive anymore.
But at the same time he couldn’t bear to think if large amounts of rain would replace the drought.
As I spoke with him, I think he checked if the bike was locked at least 5 times.
Perhaps he had not been drinking enough water?

Dragør – An Outstanding Skipper Town

Dragør is a great place for a stroll. The environment is unique with the old and extraordinary well-preserved town.
Furthermore the harbour is very Hyggelig with a great view to the Øresund Bridge.
Lots of things to explore!!
Dragør was founded in the 12th century, and grew quickly as a fishing port. In 1370, the Hanseatic League was granted some trade privileges in the town. Dragør continued to grow – as the home of one of the largest fishing fleets in the country and as a base for salting and processing fish. ¹

Dragør pilotage and towage services was founded in 1684, when six men received royal funding to pilot ships and especially warships through the Sound.
By the middle of the 1700s there were 24 pilots and in the 1870s there were more than 50.
In 1906 only seven pilots were left.²
Today Dragør is on UNESCO’s Tentative List!


¹ Wikipedia
² Wikipedia

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