Rain and Mist

Even rain and mist can be lovely on a Summer day.
But do you know the rain that makes you drenched on five seconds?

A single gentle rain makes the grass many shades greener.
Henry David Thoreau

Taking the Plunge

Photo by Hanna Greenwood, Hanna’s Walk

A Bridge, The Roman Iron Age and a Bog

Map of a walk in an ancient bog

I find old bogs fascinating.
Four days ago we went through this bog on a road network consisting of planks and footpaths which ensures the traveller a dry shod travel.

People lived in this area for millennia.
When people dug peat in the bog in 1943 they found an old road system.

Large stones cover the road, and dates back to the Roman Iron Age.
They also found a plank laid road, 150 meter long, possibly a bridge, with 400 wooden poles that can be dated back to 2,800 BC.
Archaeologists believe the poles were meant to support a planar road across the wetlands.