A walk among Mesolithic Ancestors


Yesterday I drove to Vedbaek Havn and took great pleasure in the environment before I went for a walk in Maglemosen, a bog with a very interesting history.
A walk I strongly recommend.

For 7,000 years ago, the water level was 5 meters higher in Vedbæk fjord than it is today. Since then the country has risen, and the sea receded.
The average temperature was 2-3 degrees higher than today, and Denmark covered with virgin forest.
Archaeologists estimate that people lived a good life around the fjord. They hunted wild boar, red deer, wild cats, squirrels and deer with bow and arrow. The biggest bow ever found is 195 cm high.
There are thick settlement strata that bear witness to a continuous settlement 5500 – 4500 BC

People back then had a high culture. Bear teeth suggest trading in Skåne. The graves sprinkled with ochre. An infant is laid on a swan’s wing next to his mother, who has rested on a soft leather with sewn-bear teeth. People buried on deer antlers. Waste reveals which animals and plants that were in the area and what kind of fishing gear and weapons the hunters used.

I went to Maglemosen last year in early spring you can see the pictures from the beautiful walk: På vandring i Maglemosen i Vedbæk.

Skærmbillede 2016-07-22 kl. 12.11.18

I kan læse meget mere i Dansk Naturfredningsforenings spændende folder.

Finally Summer Came To Denmark

A Bleak Summer

A walk in Rude Skov among raspberry and beetles.
‘There is a crack in everything.
That’s how the light gets in.’¹
– even through the dark clouds.


¹. Leonard Cohen, Selected Poems, 1956-1968

Fredensborg Slot

Some years ago we visited Fredensborg Palace together with some friends after a memorable picnic in Gribskov just on the other side of Esrum Lake.
Today the weather is cold and grey but I learned that Fredensborg Palace, the beautiful garden and the lake are always worth a visit.

The Crown Prince Couple Frederik and Mary live in Fredensborg, and Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik often use the palace as a summer residence.
Fredensborg Castle has many anniversaries for the royal family.
The queen has often expressed happy feelings about the palace. She has always felt comfortable in the house and the lovely surroundings.

Nordmandsdalen is an amphitheatre where the sculptures in human size envision Norwegian and Faroese hunters, fishermen and farmers.
If you wander around in your own thoughts you might easily get the feeling of being watched.
The sculptures were finished in 1784.

If you want to visit Esrum Lake you can rent a canoe and a tent. For further information look here: Velkommen til Kano- & Kajakcenter Esrum Sø

Wish you all some lovely summerdays.
…and don’t forget your packed lunch.


The rain is raining all around,
It falls on field and tree;
It rains on the umbrellas here
And on the ships at sea.
Robert Louis Stevenson

A Glorious Walk at Frederiksborg Castle

Frederiksborg Castle

I’ve spent magical times on my walks at Frederiksborg Castle north of Copenhagen. Winter evenings were beautiful. The Stable Street and portals, gate towers and turrets, the courtyards and of course the view of Frederiksborg Castle, covered with snow all together added the impression of a fairy tale.
These delights are surrounded by wonderful castle gardens.

My plan was to revisit the renaissance castle, the baroque garden and not least the ordinary and spectacular garden with ponds and old trees. Bathhouse, hunting castle and the grazing Dexter cows. Well you might not call it ordinary after all.

Ducks Waiting
Oh! What were the ducks waiting for?

They are waiting for their feathers to grow out properly so they can fly over the castle and enjoy the beautiful sight of all the glory. They will also take the opportunity to forage.

Please remember your lunch!


The history of the castle

What are they waiting for?

What are the ducks waiting for?

To be continued…

Ducks Waiting