Where to eat a Packed Lunch

We had a great walk in the river valley, Klevad Mose.
The bog always offers a wonderful natural experience.
There is a nice rest house at Klevad Enge. Here we ate our packed lunch and enjoyed the view across the meadows to blossoming bird cherry trees.
It’s a lovely experience ❤️

Happy walk and remember your packed lunch ❤️

Darkness is rising

This is one of my old stories but very appropriate for Halloween 🎃😊

Someone had the decency to unlock the sun for an hour yesterday.
It is hard to imagine now when rain and hail are tumbling down. I was about to end my walk as the sun went down and dusk took over. I had some concerns because of the growing darkness.
Should I walk through the bog in the darkness or across the cemetery? Strange stories passed through me as I thought of the cemetery.

Once my brother took a short-cut across a cemetery late at night:

He entered our living room, pale with fear. His age in mind the experience must have been fierce. He was a teenager, and at that age it is inappropriate to be afraid. He was sure that he had stumbled upon a corpse on a small church path. My parents were sure that there was another explanation and they calmed him down so he was able to fall asleep.

Early the next morning my father went to the cemetery with my brother, and they did find a man. He wasn’t dead, but lacked a place to sleep. That finding brought my brother’s mind in a state of relief, but the cemetery was no longer an option for a short-cut.

An artist I once knew worked in a cemetery where he used an old gate house as a studio. He told me lots of stories one evening over a bottle of wine. I have never been able to forget this one in particular.
We sat by the fireplace and actually the weather outside was very similar to the weather in his story. He began the story describing how terrible tired and exhausted he was:

I’d been working late every night with the aim to get my last painting done for the opening. One night it became very late. Sometimes I get so tired that I have to pull myself together to go to bed, and I wasn’t even home yet.
So I turned off the lights and locked the door. When I went out in the storm and rain to find the car, I almost lost my breath, for it was bitterly cold.

A short stay in the wind combined with a break caused me to listen more attentively. Yes, there it was again! Help me, help !!!

It was difficult to determine the direction. The rain, the darkness and the wind created shadows where there usually were open spaces. After a while I decided to walk into the darker section of the cemetery until suddenly I saw a strange thing.
From one of the open graves prepared for the next day funeral I sensed a movement. Carefully approaching I could see two hands cling to the edge of an open grave.

At this point in his storytelling, he made a little stay and I could swear that there was a shiver running through him. He continued: I found myself in a state where my adrenaline whizz around in my body. I didn’t know whether I should turn and run, or just let myself be completely frozen with fear because I was nearly there already.

The rough terrifying voice tore me out of my trance by screaming in my ears: Heeeelp! Help me! I saw the man down in the grave. Two big scared eyes midst of all the mud, and a pair of hands which reached out like a child who wants to be lifted up.
I stood and gazed at him. It felt like hours. Then I recognised him. He was a slightly tipsy gentleman who often take his lunch on one of the benches, if not every day and in a liquid form.

Close to the grave hang a water hose. I tied the hose onto an iron pipe and handed the other end to the man in the grave.
The exhausted man was rescued from the cold grave, and after a drink and some dry clothes, he told his story about how he fell down in the grave by an accident.

But I was still considering which way to choose. I looked at the bog and the growing darkness and my thoughts went to Frodo, Sam, and Gollum when they went through the Dead Marshes on the way to Mordor.
I chose the cemetery 🤞😊

Please Say Yes!!!

Have you ever been exhausted after a walk in the mountains?
When dark grey clouds are low and hide the view.
When it’s cold and the rain makes the snow soft and you sink to your knees.

When you travel in unfamiliar terrain without the shadow of a human being and are elated by a day-old apple hull.
There have been people before you – recently!

Then it’s a relief when the mountain hut finally comes into view after hours and hours of challenges.
That’s how I felt when I spotted Pytbua in Tafjordfjella in Norway.
I had only walked in the mountains ONCE before, and along easy trails.
Now this walk was one that far exceeded my imagination.

I felt myself transformed back to Norway when I watched the British documentary about the great escape routes during World War II.

I’ll not draw any comparisons with the Pyrenees and Norway or the terrible conditions under which 33.000 people successfully escaped to Spain.
Among them were 782 people who walked over the high mountains of Ariege in the Pyrenees.

However, the great relief of former marine Monty Halls in the documentary is undeniably a bit like mine, when he spots a refuge after one of the toughest and most dangerous walks over the high-lying dramatic landscape of the Pyrenees.

When he points towards the refuge and asks: Is that where we are going? Please Say yes!!!

Har du nogensinde været tæt på udmattelse efter en vandring i bjergene?
Når mørkegrå skyer hænger lavt og skjuler udsigten.
Når det er koldt, regnen gør sneen blød, og du synker ì til knæene.
Når du rejser i ukendt terræn uden skyggen af ​​et menneske og bliver opstemt af et daggammelt æbleskrog.
Der har været mennesker før dig – For nylig!

Så er det en lettelse, når bjerghytten endelig kommer til syne efter timer og timer med udfordringer.

Jeg havde kun gået i bjergene en gang før og langs lette stier.
Denne vandring var én, der overgik min vildeste fantasi.

Det blev som en rejse tilbage i tiden til Norge, da jeg så den britiske dokumentar om de store flugtveje under 2. verdenskrig.

Jeg vil ikke foretage nogen sammenligning mellem Pyrenæerne og Norge eller de forfærdelige forhold, under hvilke 33.000 mennesker med succes slap til Spanien.

Imidlertid er det den store lettelse fra tidligere marine Monty Halls i dokumentaren, der unægteligt er lidt som min, da han får øje på bjerghytten efter en af ​​de hårdeste og farligste vandreture over Pyrenæernes højtliggende dramatiske landskab.

Da han peger ned mod hytten og spørger sin guide: Er det der, vi skal hen? Vil du ikke nok sige JA!!!

A visit to Ejby Ådal

Where can I go?

Thank you Beverley for your nice query concerning Ejby Ådal and the trails around the river valley.
You will find good information at Visit Lejre:
The paths in Ejby Ådal

Furthermore you will find several suggestions for a hike in the municipality of Lejre: Lejre on foot

I had an unforgettable evening in Ejby Ådal in the month of November once.
A sacred moment ❤

Where can I walk? In Danish!

The Arrow and the Song

I shot an arrow into the air,
It fell to earth, I knew not where;
For, so swiftly it flew, the sight
Could not follow it in its flight.

I breathed a song into the air,
It fell to earth, I knew not where;
For who has sight so keen and strong,
That it can follow the flight of song?

Long, long afterward, in an oak
I found the arrow, still unbroke;
And the song, from beginning to end,
I found again in the heart of a friend.
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow