Summer Birds, Shaky Legs and Flowers

A fairy tale was waiting for me outside the Fairy Tale Woods. A suitable name for these woods! The first thing I saw were cows grazing. But between them on the ground lay a small bundle. A cow… Read More

A Bit Shaken But Not Stirred

For a start it was like any other walk I’ve been on but then I came down to the lake. Once it was a necessity to pull off shoes and socks on this side of the lake when… Read More

Welcome Winter Solstice

Welcome to Winter Solstice. It’s a time for celebration. A time for celebrate the return of light and it certainly is dark and gloomy in Denmark today. I found pictures in my archive to light up the day…. Read More

Thaw and Icy wind

Weather is changing now. Thaw and icy wind were my companions on today’s walk. While I write these words rain is drumming on the roof. Autumn Conundrum It’s not that every leaf must finally fall . . …. Read More

The Complaint

There are quiet in the forest. Birch trunks stand naked in the shade. Their branches reach up into the low sun. Then suddenly I hear a strange sound. The sound of thawing branches complaining their distress. While the… Read More

To a Skylark

The lark trills to its heart high above the field. It disappears into the sky like a tiny dot, but the song is heard miles away and fills me with unspeakable joy. Nature is a gift! Ethereal minstrel!… Read More

A glacial landscape in Denmark

This is a walk not a climb. Though only 82 meter above sea level the Danish mountain, Højbjerg is a beautiful place From the top of Højbjerg you have a lovely view over the fields and treetops. The… Read More

Beth’s survival tips for the bog bound in Cumbria

I read a post yesterday about how to survive a walk in a bog written by Beth from About Life and Hiking in Cumbria The tips amused me and made me think of my own wet expeditions to… Read More

Nu er det Vandrevejr

Har I brug for hjælp? Ja tak, lød svaret, en taxa ville være dejlig. En stor familie var gået i stå midt på skovvejen. Aldersspredningen var stor, og flere familiemedlemmer var svært plagede af den pludselige sensommervarme. Det… Read More