A walk in the shade

Winter came late this year and with a few days of Spring, Summer came with a sustained heat never experienced before. Walking in the shade along a lake is wonderful. We went for a great walk along Furesøen… Read More


In some mysterious way woods have never seemed to me to be static things. In physical terms, I move through them; yet in metaphysical ones, they seem to move through me. John Fowles

It’s time to get lost in the forest

Children are playing in the hills, the buzzard are circling the lake, the grass snake rushes rapidly between the newly sprouted forest foliage, a wren scolds from inside a wood stack, the frogs are singing a spring song,… Read More

It isn’t advisable to walk on the ice

The read sign says: It isn’t advisable to walk on the ice. This spring has been remarkable. Within three days all kind of weather has shown itself but the ice on the pond didn’t materialize 🙂

March said to April…

My pictures are from my walk the last three days 🙂 March said to April, I see three hogs upon a hill; And if you’ll lend me three days I’ll find a way to make them go. The… Read More

The Cold Spring

After many months of cold, rain, snow, fog and greyness the spring finally came. Unsurpassed it is the most beautiful spring I’ve ever experienced. Tomorrow follows further photographic documentation 🙂

Where Raven Cry

I walk in a different light. Boots stuck in mud and water holes. While ravens and buzzards crying over me. I walk between mounds and beautiful vistas. I walk between old oaks. They look like they have been here forever…. Read More