Sometimes you have to fight against trolls…

We met small people armed with sticks and they looked very apprehensive.
They were about to explore a passage grave from the Neolithic.
The passage grave is so spacious that there certainly is room for a troll or two 🙂

Oldtidsstien i Tokkekøb Hegn

The Burial Mounds and Dolmens

We walk silent between dolmens and burial mounds. Trees stand as exuberant dragons in the afternoon sun. A fallen tree trunk in the sun forms a bench. The trunk lies up against a huge dolmen. We hear some faint indefinable sounds near the dolmen, but there is nothing to see.
Then suddenly a squirrel rush towards a lovely tree and disappears up the tree trunk in small glimpses.
Mysterious noises and large dolmens.
I thought Halloween had business with spirits in the graves.

Tokkekøb Hegn
Tokkekøb Hegn
Tokkekøb Hegn