Getting ready for the big pike

A wonderful forest with lakes and dolmens and there might be a few pikes too 🙂

Sometimes you have to fight against trolls…

We met small people armed with sticks and they looked very apprehensive. They were about to explore a passage grave from the Neolithic. The passage grave is so spacious that there certainly is room for a troll or… Read More

The Burial Mounds and Dolmens

We walk silent between dolmens and burial mounds. Trees stand as exuberant dragons in the afternoon sun. A fallen tree trunk in the sun forms a bench. The trunk lies up against a huge dolmen. We hear some… Read More

The Tombs and The Sunken Roads

There is a network of ancient roads on Zealand from Lejre via Roskilde and Furesø Municipality up to Elsinore. It is along these sunken roads that one might find 5,000 year old dolmens from the Neolithic. Here is… Read More

The Tombs

A month ago, I visited this beautiful area once again.  Spring and autumn are sparkling seasons here. Now the sun is low,  the shadows long and the ancient tombs cast long shadows across the meadow. Here in Tokkekøb Hegn… Read More

Tag toget ud i Tokkekøb Hegn

Store Donsedam, Tokkekøb Hegn og Fantasiens Ø i efterårsfarver, det kan I opleve mellem Allerød og Hillerød. Jeg tog toget til Allerød, og gik ned ad Tokkekøbvej til skoven. Allerede da jeg gik ned ad vejen, havde jeg… Read More

Grisefugle, Ugler og Anemoner

Vi har vandret på kryds og tværs her i Tokkekøb Hegn ved Allerød. Ved lergraven er der fantastisk om foråret. Folk står og fisker mellem tusindsvis af følfod, det er meget smukt, så kig forbi, når tid kommer…. Read More