Happy Earth Day❤️

Cormorants, mallards, gulls and one white wagtail, that was what I saw!
I think an early morning is better for bird counting 🙂

Nature poets can’t walk across the backyard without tripping over an epiphany.
~ Christian Wiman

Leave only your footprints behind ❤️

Happy Walk!

A Bike Ride On Route N9

I’ve been bike riding on Route N9 in the summer heat.

Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass under trees on a summer’s day, listening to the murmur of the water, or watching the clouds float across the sky, is by no means a waste of time.
John Lubbock

The route lies between Copenhagen and Elsinore. In fact the route actually ends in Gedser. Read more about N9
Always look out for traffic no matter if you cross the coastal road or choose to stay on route N9

A few things to explore about many on your way to Elsinore: Cycling Route N9

Remember a worthy packed lunch 👩‍🍳🥐🥑🥕🥙🥝
And leave nothing behind you than exquisite ruts from your bike 😎

The Tombs and The Sunken Roads

There is a network of ancient roads on Zealand from Lejre via Roskilde and Furesø Municipality up to Elsinore. It is along these sunken roads that one might find 5,000 year old dolmens from the Neolithic.
Here is a rarity: One of the few known well preserved and exposed dolmens is with all four tombs. A total area of the elongated measuring 25x8x1 meters. There are a total of 30 border stones. All four chambers are quite large – between 1.6 and 2.10 meters long.

DSC01038 (2)
DSC01030 (2)
DSC01040 (2)
Ved Dronningedyssen

Jeg har før skrevet om Bondestenalderens hulveje fra Lejre gennem Roskilde og videre op mod Helsingør og Nordkysten. I kan se mit indlæg her fra Det Største Forsvarstårn i Nordeuropa

“Firkammerdyssen eller Dronningedyssen med reference til Kongedyssen også kaldet Dæmpegårdsdyssen.
Et stykke længere oppe ad oldtidsvejen ved Avlskarlevold ligger øst for stien en imponerende langdysse med velbevarede randsten. Dyssen har fire kamre, det nordligste og ældste kammer ligger på langs med dyssen, de andre tre på tværs. Det største kammer, som er restaureret, har en stor dæksten, som er flækket, og en lille gang. Et af kamrene er blevet fyldt op med jord, og det sydligste kammer mangler sin dæksten, men har velbevarede bæresten og spor efter en indgang.” ¹. Oldtidsstier.dk


Seværdigheder i Tokkekøb Hegn

Oldtidsstier i Tokkekøb Hegn

Yosemite Nature Notes – Winter Moments

“As long as I live, I’ll hear waterfalls and birds and winds sing. I’ll interpret the rocks, learn the language of flood, storm, and the avalanche. I’ll acquaint myself with the glaciers and wild gardens, and get as near the heart of the world as I can”.”
John Muir

My forests are now on the UNESCO World Heritage list

The par force hunting landscape in North Zealand is from today on UNESCO World Heritage list.

The pictures below are from my neighbourhood.

These pictures are from the oldest forest in Denmark, Gribskov.

You can have all the details about the nomination here on the link to Unesco: The Parforce Hunting landscape in North Zealand

I have to add a PS: It’s not really my forests but I have the great privilege to be able to walk there and greet the inhabitants ❤ 🙂

Happy walk and leave no trace behind except your footprint ❤

Photografher Terje Sorgjerd, El Teide and the Milky Way

Terje Sorgjerd loves the nature. I think it appears from the brilliant work he has done with still images and videos.

Terje was on Tenerife in 2011 to work. His goal was to make a film about the highest mountain in Spain, El Teide in conjunction with the Milky Way. You may very vell love ‘The Mountain’ as much as I do.

A friend of Terje, Ludovico Einaudi has written the music: “Nuvole bianche”


Terje is on Facebook: TSO Photography