Hooray for Forest

We went into the forest on a very hot day looking for shade. No rain of significance for three and a half months. Most green areas are withered and yellow. To my surprise we found pleasant coolness and… Read More

A Walk With A View

Just before Christmas I had a nice walk in the oldest forest in Denmark, Gribskov. The sky was grey but when I got to the mountain Fruebjerg the sun broke through the darkness and revealed a lovely scenery…. Read More

An Outdoor Adventure

This is one of the most wonderful walks I’ve been on for a long time. Tempted by my story about Esrum Sø, my friend insisted on an outdoor adventure. This time from the south entrance of the forest…. Read More

The Lily

Buttercups and Fairy Miners

Everything is lush and green as far as the eye can see, but after a while there is something that interferes with the green. Golden glimpse between tall pines. Buttercups. Billions of buttercups. As if that weren’t enough,… Read More

The sky isn’t always blue in Denmark

A few rays of sunshine, but it wasn’t comparable to September last year. Esrum Lake is Denmark’s second largest lake. The lake is shaped like a large bathtub with deep slopes not far from the width and a… Read More

The Small Uncaring Ways

Life is not lost by dying; life is lost minute by minute, day by dragging day, in all the thousand small uncaring ways. Stephen Vincent Benet No wasted minutes on this icy cold spring day. The lapwing cries… Read More

Golden Monday

All that glitters is not black.

The Rare Elements of Grace, Beauty, Spirit and Freedom

You can walk for hours in the oldest forest in Denmark without seeing a soul. Then suddenly you see a movement among trees and grasses and sometimes those beautiful animals come to greet you or maybe check your… Read More