The Ancient Oak at the Waterhole

It is a long time since I last visited this forest.
Luckily it was a beautiful day I had chosen.
You will find the warm light everywhere at this time of year when the sun is low.
Enjoy an outing tomorrow or another day if you have the possibility. Never forget your lunch and leave only a smile and your footprint behind you ūüíď

A Historic Cultural Venue

Today Sophienholm is considered one of the leading representatives of Danish salon life in the 19th century.

Staying On The Path Might Save You

I had a remarkable experience a few weeks ago when I was cycling through the Deer Park.
The Stags were busy sweeping their antlers among a group of trees.
I stood quietly watching the impressive show.

When I was about to cycle, an older stag suddenly came towards me from behind.
Terrified I watched him walk right past me with only a few meters in between but all of a sudden the danger was gone and the awesome impression was all that was left.
It wasn’t me he found interesting but some trees on the other side of the path worth fighting with.
What a relief to find myself ignored ūüôā

The rangers recommend visitors to stay on the path, to avoid stressing the animals
Furthermore, the red deer might hurt you seriously should you get in the way.

Kanotur p√• M√łlle√•en

On My Way Home in the month of May…