Kanotur på Mølleåen

10 Comments on “Kanotur på Mølleåen

  1. Qué preciosidad de paseo por los humedales. Me encantan los verdes tan brillantes.:-)

    • Gracias, Magnoliae. Es una zona muy espectacular. La corriente del molino es de 30 kilómetros de largo que termina en el mar. He estado caminando a lo largo de toda la corriente y remamos en una canoa demasiado.
      Un fuerte abrazo,

  2. Lovely pictures! Green and wet! Reminds me of Ireland!

    • Thanks, Ash. I might get around Ireland this year! It is about time!

      • We’ve had some of the best weather this past couple of weeks, warm and sunny, but it’s due to break by the weekend. Even so Ireland is a wonderful landscape but don’t forget the waterproofs!

  3. Great pictures Hanna, I would love to paddle that boat down the river…what fun that must be 🙂

    • Hi James. They sure had fun the people in the canoe. We had a reasonable funny exchange of views me standing on a bridge 🙂

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