Is this the top of the tower, Mom?

Is this the top of the tower, Mom? The boy stepped out into the sunlight as the first of a small English family. He looked eagerly over the red-tiled roofs of Copenhagen, with the beautiful verdigris copper spires and towers.
I can take a photo he said and soon the little group established themselves in front of a lovely boy with a camera.

They chose the right day to enjoy the view from Rundetårn. There is an obvious reason to consider the other towers in Copenhagen, when standing at the top of Rundetårn.

Frelserkirken, Christianshavn

Frelserkirken, Christianshavn

The view is spectacular and so is the sight of the Saviour’s Church. I told the family about the famous spiral ramp on the outside of the tower and how it inspired Jules Verne in his book, A trip to the bowels of the earth.
But I forgot to tell them about the English Bombardment of Copenhagen in 1807 and how the soldiers chose to aim after the spires in Copenhagen. Luckily the Saviour’s Church survived but Our Lady Church, Vor Frue Kirke, burned down and so did many old buildings in the centre of the city.

13 Comments on “Is this the top of the tower, Mom?

    • Thank you!! I remember being on the top of Rundetårn as a child together with my mother. I dare say it was breathtaking back then 🙂

  1. Copenhague, qué bonita ciudad. Me gusta la historia que nos comentas y es una pena que aquellos antiguos incendios destruyeran sus monumentos e iglesias, y es que las guerras son muy destructivas. Buen fin de semana, amiga. 🙂

    • Querida Magnoliae. Es interesante cuando la historia comienza a molestar. Me gusta cuando ocurre al azar y la curiosidad se lleva el gato 🙂 Es difícil de creer que los soldados ingleses tienen bombardeó Copenhague en aquel momento.
      Le deseo un feliz fin de semana ❤

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