Are you in Copenhagen tomorrow on Saturday the 25th.?

What are they doing on top of the Opera House? We saw an endless ladder range from the pier and to the top of the opera house.
Then suddenly I remembered the announcements for Red Bull Cliff Diving.
The people working on the roof were preparing the platform for the cliff divers competition tomorrow.

You can have all the details by attending Red Bull Cliff Diving: COPENHAGEN
Bring a binoculars, an umbrella and your lunch package and leave only your footprints behind ❤

The Fortification of Copenhagen, Kastellet

Kastellet in Copenhagen is one of Northern Europe’s best preserved fortifications. It is a wonderful place for a stroll on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

A Heartwarming Inspiration From Georgia

I went to the Botanical Garden in the middle of Copenhagen. I came to experience the quietness, the beautiful palm house and the exotic flowers. I ended up in a several hours long conversation with a stranger from Georgia, US.

There are no strangers here; Only friends you haven’t yet met.
– William Butler Yeats

The Botanical Garden is part of the Natural History Museum of Denmark, at the University of Copenhagen.

Natural History Museum of Denmark, Botanical Garden, Københavns Universitet

Thou­sands of tired, nerve-shaken, over-civilized peo­ple are begin­ning to find out that going to the moun­tains is going home; that wild­ness is a neces­sity; and that moun­tain parks and reser­va­tions are use­ful not only as foun­tains of tim­ber and irri­gat­ing rivers, but as foun­tains of life.
– John Muir, Our National Parks, 1901

The Mythological Gefion

The Gefion Fountain never stops to fascinate me. I came here as a child with my mother. Now I’m back as an adult being a tourist in my home town.



The fountain depicts the mythical story of the creation of the island of Zealand on which Copenhagen is located. The legend appears in Ragnarsdrápa, a 9th-century Skaldic poem recorded in the 13th century Prose Edda, and in Ynglinga saga as recorded in Snorri Sturluson’s 13th century Heimskringla.

According to Ynglinga saga, the Swedish king Gylfi promised Gefjun the territory she could plow in a night. She turned her four sons into oxen, and the territory they plowed out of the earth was then thrown into the Danish sea between Scania and the island of Fyn. The hole became a lake called Lögrinn and Leginum (locative). Snorri identifies the lake Löginn, as the lake of Old Sigtuna west of Stockholm, i.e., Lake Mälaren, an identification that he returns to later in the Saga of Olaf the Holy. The same identification of Löginn/Leginum as Mälaren appears in Ásmundar saga kappabana, where it is the lake by Agnafit (modern Stockholm), and also in Knýtlinga saga.

In spite of Snorri’s identification, tourist information about the fountain identifies the resultant lake as Vänern[1] ,[2][3][4] Sweden’s largest lake, citing the fact that modern maps show that Zealand and the lake resemble each other in size and shape.

Snorri, however, was well acquainted with Vänern as he had visited Västergötland in 1219. When he referred to this lake he called it Vænir[5] Wikipedia


Red Bull Cliff Diving returns on Saturday June 18, 2016 to Copenhagen for the third time when 14 of the world’s best divers transforms the iconic Opera to a diving tower. ¹

Fra tårnet på Marmorkirken ses kongehusets bolig, Amalienborg med Operaen i baggrunden

Fra tårnet på Marmorkirken ses kongehusets bolig, Amalienborg med Operaen i baggrunden

Cliff Diving

These pictures are from June 2013.

Cliff Diving

¹ Get all information about the event 18.06.2016 at Red Bull Cliff Diving

En vandretur fra Kastrup til Øresund

Jeg tog Metroen til Kastrup Station, og gik en frisk tur på 5 -6  km til Øresund Station. Turen behøver ingen planlægning, og er et godt valg, hvis I trænger til lys og luft. Der er flere redskaber I kan træne i undervejs. Der er også mulighed for en dukkert 🙂


Nyheder og aktiviteter på Guldkysten? Guldkysten er det navn Politikens Per Thiemann giver postnummeret 2300 Sundby, efter priserne på nogle boliger ligger højere end på Strandvejen nord for København.

A Walk through Denmark’s Maritime History

We went from Islands Brygge to Refshaleøen. A fun and interesting walk. Fun because of the colorful life along the canal, and interesting because we went through districts that exude interesting ship- and industrial history.
On Refshaleøen it is the history of the shipyard Burmeister & Wain that occupies our thoughts. Denmark’s largest shipyard and leading diesel engine manufacturer until 1996.

Holmen, Copenhagen
Burmeister & Wain

Vi gik fra Islands Brygge til Refshaleøen. En sjov og interessant gåtur. Sjov på grund af det farverige liv langs kanalen, og interessant, fordi vi gik gennem kvarterer, der rummer interessant skibs- og industrihistorie.
På Refshaleøen er det historien om skibsværftet Burmeister & Wain, som optager vores tanker. Danmark største skibsværft og førende dieselmotor producent indtil 1996.

Marinestation København
Burmeister & Wain