Above Time, Like The Breath Of Sea

We have timelines on social media. We have timelines for perspective, for an overview, for planning …
A walk along the coastline, is a journey into infinity, another timeline.
A time to breathe, a time to run and a time to laugh,
like the breath of the sea.

The finest workers in stone are not copper or steel tools, but the gentle touches of air and water working at their leisure with a liberal allowance of time.
Henry David Thoreau

Hornbaek Strand


Wiki about Hornbæk
Naturstyrelsen om Hornbæk Plantage

Melby KirkeI took the train out into the countryside to the north coast of Zealand.
Watching the fields enlarging and the view becoming wide as if one climb a mountain. Animals on the field, birds, cloud patterns, colours, contours and shadows.
Sometimes interrupted by a hedge against the rails then suddenly to surprise with a new landscape, just as if the train emerged from a tunnel.
Why is the extended view so pleasant for the mind. Green rolling fields and endless bluish sea. It is great relaxation.

The church door was open in the newly restored village church. The frescoes were restored, and the tree of life was newly painted in the chapel.

When I approach the beach my mind cross the memory of the last time I was here.
A gale was doing it’s best to give brave windsurfers their life’s adventure.
Today the temperature is very pleasant and I end my walk at a little village from where I can take another train home.
That’s the great thing about Denmark. You are able to plan a lot of exiting walks in nature by taking advantage of train and bus.

Melby Overdrev

Tisvildeleje Strand

Liseleje Strand

Liseleje Strand


Melby Kirke
Train from Hillerød – Melby

My Favourite Beach

Tisvildeleje, this beach is my favourite beach in all times of year.
In late summer when people are hiding in the dunes to catch the last warmth from the sun, in autumn when the sky is clear and one can see forever, in winter when snow covers the sand, and in summer when children’s laughter fades away light as feathers in the wind.
This is joy!
Go out there and find your own favourite place.

Tisvildeleje Strand

Where do you get inspiration for your walks?

Where do you get your inspiration when you are going for a walk?
I found myself without any idea the other day. I had one glorious one in mind but it was far to late for train and ferry.
By a process of elimination, I chose the train towards Copenhagen and soon I found myself on Kalvebod Fælled on Vestamager, a place I have visit before.
But this time I decided I wasn’t going to walk these endless paths.
From the last time I knew there would be bikes for rent. Though I didn’t know how good the bikes were.
Now I’ve tried one and it was really great. I had an extraordinary ride with twinkling lights a blinking sea and wide open spaces where horses were grazing and birds foraging.
A group of children were swimming, and people went surfing further down the beach. A sailboat had crashed under one of the recent storms. A guy checked with the police who already knew about the ship.
I was so happy for the sun and the long bike ride that I forgot about the deadline for submission of the bike. It became a bit of rush at the end.
It is highly recommended. Not the rush but the bike ride!


You can download a map and read more about this stunning area; Kalvebod Fælled

Rent a bike: Friluftshuset

The Ferry

There is something magical about this ferry, Hundested-Rørvig Færgefart. Geographically we are close to the outskirts of Denmark.
Outskirts, a word used negatively in the public debate in Denmark.
I consider the outskirts of Denmark as a gilt-edged stock.
Nowadays tranquillity and untouched nature is hard to find but it’s something we all need to find in some point of our lives.
The ferry is like a magic door to an area of adventures; to beautiful coastlines and landscapes.

The Ferry returns to Rørvig

The Ferry returns to Rørvig


God tur i sommerlandet,  husk regntøj og madpakke!

Skansehage og Korshage

Hundested-Rørvig Færgefart A/S

Short flight and attractive salt marshes

Worms bonus – Enjoy awards and benefits if you land on our salt marshes.
That could be the headline of the Bird Protection Foundation’s poster in Nivå Bugt.
The Bird Protection Fund carry out an important work by provide several resting areas and feeding grounds for migratory birds

Orme bonus – Modtag rabat og fordele, hvis du lander på vores strandenge.
Det kunne være overskriften på Fugleværnsfondens plakat i Nivå Bugt.
Fugleværnsfonden udfører et vigtigt arbejde ved at etablere flere raste- og fourageringsområder for trækfugle.


Tag toget til Nivå, herfra er der ca. 1,5 km til fods, der er også en lille parkeringsplads i vejkanten på Strandvejen.

Hunden er velkommen i snor ❤ ❤ ❤


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