Wonders of the Sea

If I want peace within, I’ll go to the sea.* It performs miracles.
I even found eider ducks in spring mood.

Those who live by the sea can hardly form a single thought of which the sea would not be part.
~ Hermann Broch

I wanted freedom, open air and adventure. I found it on the sea.
~ Alain Gerbault

The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.
~ Jacques Yves Cousteau

If there’s heaven for me, I’m sure it has a beach attached to it.
~ Jimmy Buffett

*In lack of mountains!

By the Sea

By the Sea by Emily Dickinson is one of my favourite poems:

… And he – he followed close behind;
I felt his silver heel
Upon my ankle, – then my shoes
Would overflow with pearl …

What a great day it was today. Lots of wind and whitecaps ❤

A Christmas Walk by the Sea

This is a magnificent beach in Sejerø Bugt in Kattegat. It’s called Gudmindrup. But don’t tell anyone. Keep it as a secret 🙂

The sea was our main entertainment. When company came, we set them before it on rugs, with thermoses and sandwiches and colored umbrellas, as if the water – blue, green, gray, navy or silver as it might be – were enough to watch. ~ Sylvia Plath

The Cup Of Ocean

What does the cup of ocean hold?
Glory of purple and glint of gold;
Tenderest greens and heavenly blue,
Shot with the sunlight through and through;
Wayward ripples that idly roam.
Tumbling breakers with gallant foam;
Sands and pebbles that chase and slide;
Mystic currents that softly glide;
Mighty spell of the ages old,
This does the cup of ocean hold…

~ Amos Russel Wells

Connected to the Sea

Even if you never have the chance to see or touch the ocean, the ocean touches you with every breath you take, every drop of water you drink, every bite you consume. Everyone, everywhere is inextricably connected to and utterly dependent upon the existence of the sea.
by Sylvia Earle

Kystvandring ved Kattegat

When summer approaches…

When summer approaches outdoor activities increase around us.
Sail boats are being rigged, fishing boats land their catch, children are playing in the water and a single angler gives an interview to hannaswalk.
Only one roll with the fishing rod and dinner was secured 🙂

When summer approaches life starts all over again ❤

Rush Hour on the Mound

They sit side by side on the hilltop with a magnificent view in front of them. I wonder if they consider that they sit on a 3500 year old burial mound raised over one of those days significant people?

In the present moment, it is completely irrelevant, even if it was a Martian, who had built the mound as a launching pad.

The serenity and depth is so rare and hard to find, but here it is easy to lose yourself in the view and enjoy the fresh scent of the ocean, pine, spruce and moss.

Go out and experience nature

Rush hour på gravhøjen

De sidder side om side på bakketoppen med en formidabel udsigt foran sig. Mon de tænker over, at de sidder på en 3500 år gammel gravhøj rejst over én af datidens betydningsfulde personer?

I nuet er det fuldstændig ligegyldigt, selv hvis det var en marsboer, der havde opført højen som en affyringsrampe.

Roen og fordybelsen er så sjælden og svær at finde, men her er det let at fortabe sig i udsigten og nyde den friske duft af hav, fyr, gran og mosser.

God tur og husk madpakken ❤

Troldeskoven, Tisvilde Hegn

Troldeskoven, Tisvilde Hegn


Map Tisvilde Hegn