When summer approaches…

When summer approaches outdoor activities increase around us.
Sail boats are being rigged, fishing boats land their catch, children are playing in the water and a single angler gives an interview to hannaswalk.
Only one roll with the fishing rod and dinner was secured 🙂

When summer approaches life starts all over again ❤

Kitesurfing and Chill factor – 22c

Some kitesurfers were preparing to go out on the sea in this weather today. That’s what I call hardcore. I did not wait to see them in action. After 10 minutes in the wind coming in from the sea, I had had enough. It was bitterly cold.

Kite surfers gjorde klar til at gå på vandet. Jeg ventede ikke på at se dem i aktion. Ti minutter i vinden var nok. Kuldeindekset var – 22 c.




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