Kitesurfing and Chill factor – 22c

Some kitesurfers were preparing to go out on the sea in this weather today. That’s what I call hardcore. I did not wait to see them in action. After 10 minutes in the wind coming in from the sea, I had had enough. It was bitterly cold.

Kite surfers gjorde klar til at gå på vandet. Jeg ventede ikke på at se dem i aktion. Ti minutter i vinden var nok. Kuldeindekset var – 22 c.




Nivå Havn

11 Comments on “Kitesurfing and Chill factor – 22c

    • Thanks for your comment, Isabel. The man you see on the beach were heading out on the water with his kite surfer. I know they have special clothing but it’s hard to understand how they can keep warm.
      All the best,

      Gracias por tu comentario, Isabel. El hombre que se ve en la playa estaban dirigiendo hacia fuera en el agua con kite surfer. Sé que tienen ropa especial, pero es difícil entender cómo se puede mantener el calor.
      Todo lo mejor,

    • Muchas gracias, espero que tenga un clima más cálido 🙂
      Un abrazo para ti también, Barbara,
      All the best,

  1. Hanna, da jeg læste dit indlæg om et brølende ishav, tog jeg et glas rødvin og iførte mig tykke uldne sokker. Men jeg beundre din vedholdenhed med at fotografere.
    Yours respectfully, Alen

    • Jeg blev forskrækket over den hurtige afkøling. Vi har haft det meget mildt i lang tid, og det pludselige omslag til frost, kombineret med stærk vind, så gik det rigtigt hurtigt 🙂
      Det blev til gode bøffer og rødvin bagefter, Alen
      All the best,
      PS Jeg tog mig friheden til at redigere lidt i din tekst, vel vidende at dansk ikke er din spidskompetence. Håber, det blev rigtigt?

  2. The first picture is beautiful. The nature is the best artist. Look at the snow. Unbelievable how it is done.

    • Alexander, I would have loved to photograph a little bit more, but the cold put an effective end to that plan 🙂

  3. Hanna darling, that was nine minutes over and above the call of duty. That last photo had Mrs Mjollnir wrapping me up in blankets and sending for the ambulance!

    • Haha. It was close to my final call too. I was heading toward the icicles when the cold got to me, and it went very fast.
      At that point I could have used Mrs. Mjollnir’s blankets 😀

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