When summer approaches…

When summer approaches outdoor activities increase around us.
Sail boats are being rigged, fishing boats land their catch, children are playing in the water and a single angler gives an interview to hannaswalk.
Only one roll with the fishing rod and dinner was secured 🙂

When summer approaches life starts all over again ❤

4 thoughts on “When summer approaches…

    • They told me how they were going to prepare the fish. The recipe sounded very tempting. A pity with only one fish 🙂 🙂
      Lots of flowers ❤

  1. ¿Ya estás pensando en el verano? La verdad es que la luz y el color son maravillosas, pero el calor… No quiero acordarme de las temperaturas del verano pasado (aquí en España), espero que el próximo verano sea más suave. Un abrazo, Hanna!!!

    • I have already been on the beach, Magnoliae. We had several days with temperature above 25 degrees still the water isn’t warm yet.
      Last summer was an ordeal in southern Europe. I keep my fingers crossed for a summer with pleasant temperatures!!
      All the best,

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