11 Comments on “Blue Flag beaches in Denmark

  1. Hanna, what wonderful blues in this picture! And those little sparks of red!

    • Thank you Magnoliae for highlighting the symbolism and contribute to my post ❤

  2. WoW! Hooray for Denmark! ⭐ ⭐ They are apparently trying to clean up the water in our 5 Great Lakes. Toronto is on one of the smallest, Lake Ontario. Unfortunately, I have never seen a sign saying “Safe to Swim”. We share the Great Lakes with America.

    • Thanks a lot, Resa. It really is great when we are doing an effort to keep the environment clean.
      I love the thought of people caring for each other in that way – too 🙂
      I do hope Donald John Trump stays out of The White House or you might end up taking a stroll upon Lake Ontario 😦

      • Lol.
        We want to swim in lakes not walk upon them!! I hope for Hillary too 🙂

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