Is this the Mediterranean?

Is this the Mediterranean or the strait between Sweden and Denmark?
I have my doubts these days. This month of May beats all records and will be the hottest month ever measured in Denmark.
A walk along the sea is absolutely wonderful with a little breeze from the east.
Today, the temperature reached 28 degrees, some places 30 degrees and the warm weather continues the next week.

‘The month of May ended up as the warmest measured in Denmark with an average temperature of 15.0 ° C. It is 1.2 ° C warmer than the now second-warmest May 1889 of 13.8 ° C. DMI has measured the temperature nationwide since 1874.’ *DMI

Twinkling stars on the horizon,
the eternal song from an embracing blue sea.
The smell of sand and sea
salt on my skin and lips.
Tales from the birds of the sea,
disturbed by clattering cups
and the fragrance of coffee.
That’s my childhood memories
and the day of tomorrow.

A fleck of foam on the shining sand,
Left by the ebbing sea,
But richer than man may understand
In magic and mystery–
Transient bubbles rainbow-bright,
Myriad-hued and strange,
Tremble and throb in the noonday light,
Flower and flush and change.

A million tides have come and gone,
Great gales of autumn and spring,
A million summoning moons have shone
To bring to birth this thing–
A foam-fleck left on the ribbed wet sand
By the wave of an outgoing sea,
With all the colour of Faeryland,
Wonder and mystery.
Teresa Hooley

‘Det Vulkanske Øhav’

Enjoy this great film about Isla del Meridiano or the real name El Hierro which is the smallest and farthest south and west of the Canary Islands on Vimeo made by Jean-Julien:

Jeg har været på Tenerife flere gange, og som altid er jeg taget tilbage til Danmark med en stor facination af øens naturkræfter. Minderne om Teide og strande med voldsom understrøm, dukkede op i min hukommelse, da jeg så Leos billeder af El Hierro, den mindste af de Kanariske Øer med en beliggenhed længst væk i Atlanterhavet.

Teide, Tenerife.

Teide, Tenerife. Wikipedia

Photographer Berthold Werner wikipedia

Photographer Berthold Werner

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