Hamlet would approve

The day was incredible hot and people took the opportunity to take a swim in historic surroundings overlooking Kronborg Castle. A spectacular choice if you ask me 😎

10 Comments on “Hamlet would approve

    • Hi Tanja. It was very refreshing. In addition, the wind turned from south to northwest. That made the temperature set for lovely Danish summer weather 🤗

      • Thanks Tanja. The temperature has dropped 10 degrees. It is summer weather for a Viking 😊
        Hope you are enjoying summer!

    • Great to hear from you, Samuel.
      I think the motif has some similarities to a golden age painting 🎨 😊

  1. A nice fairytale-looking castle. And Hamlet always struck me as “all wet” so maybe a nice day at the beach might cheer him up. Ophelia could practice floating.

    • Thanks Robert. Kronborg Castle is very nice. You mention Hamlet and Ophelia. What about the ghost of Hamlet’s father? I’m not sure I will step into that sea now 😊

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