Is this the Mediterranean?

Is this the Mediterranean or the strait between Sweden and Denmark?
I have my doubts these days. This month of May beats all records and will be the hottest month ever measured in Denmark.
A walk along the sea is absolutely wonderful with a little breeze from the east.
Today, the temperature reached 28 degrees, some places 30 degrees and the warm weather continues the next week.

‘The month of May ended up as the warmest measured in Denmark with an average temperature of 15.0 ° C. It is 1.2 ° C warmer than the now second-warmest May 1889 of 13.8 ° C. DMI has measured the temperature nationwide since 1874.’ *DMI

12 thoughts on “Is this the Mediterranean?

  1. We had the same phenomenon in Germany in May. It was warmer here than in Greece. Well, I like sunshine and warm weather but this was too much, 32 degrees for several days.. and your photos really look like the Mediterranean, kind regards Mitza

    • Dear Mitza. I like the weather a bit cooler too. We can only hope for lower temperatures.
      Otherwise we have to have a life jacket on and a big swimming pool to sleep in 🙂 🙂
      Hanna xx

  2. looks like it will an extremely hot summer…here in the real Mediterranean, the temperatures was above 40c last week :((

    • I love the sun and it’s also nice when a shower comes in to freshen things up a bit. Cross my fingers that we don’t have similar temperatures as the ones you had last week!!
      Thanks Gada for joining with you comment.

    • Thanks a lot, Isabel. I have noticed the cooler temperatures in Spain. You’re right, the weather is changing, it’s just a matter of how fast it’ll happen.
      Big hug!

  3. If you hadn’t told us where you were, I might very well have guessed the Mediterranean! The color of that water is just spectacular.

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