A meeting place for fairies

Never cut down the lonely hawthorn tree, because it is the meeting place for fairies.

10 Comments on “A meeting place for fairies

  1. What lovely flowers! Not that long ago I was walking down a trail lined solidly with mountain lilacs in bloom. The scent was intoxicating.

    • Thanks Fred. I find that the scent of flowers are best when you are out in the open ❤ 🙂

  2. That’s an excellent photo! I wonder if it is the same species that we have here. Judging by the blossoms it must be a close relative.

    • Thanks a lot! Actually there is an exciting story attached to this hawthorn. I’ll write about it soon!!

  3. This makes me super sad because we had three huge Hawthorne trees that were absolutely beautiful in Spring and they got fireblight and we had to cut them down. I cried.

    • Hey Julie. It’s a serious bacteria so it was the right thing to do, but I understand you were sad. I hope you have the chance to enjoy the wonderful flowers at another time ❤

      • Thanks, Hanna. Yes, it had to be done but it was sad nonetheless. I may not have Hawthornes anymore, but I do have a lot of other beautiful flowers. 🌸🌼

  4. what a nice enchanted name for this post. I like it a lot. Kind regards Mitza

    • Hi Mitza. Thanks a lot. The hawthorn always set off my imagination. Loads of stories and history about it ❤
      Best wishes,

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