A walk in the shade

Winter came late this year and with a few days of Spring, Summer came with a sustained heat never experienced before. Walking in the shade along a lake is wonderful. We went for a great walk along Furesøen… Read More

Do not underestimate – finding your way home

A little boy walks towards the lifeguard tower. He is flanked by two girls, who eagerly contact the lifeguard. The boy can not find his parents, break the girls. We found him down at the water’s edge they… Read More

Is this the Mediterranean?

Is this the Mediterranean or the strait between Sweden and Denmark? I have my doubts these days. This month of May beats all records and will be the hottest month ever measured in Denmark. A walk along the… Read More


I’m so grateful that I learned to swim when I went to the first school classes. That sport has given me so much joy. I took these pictures yesterday. The water temperature is 17 degrees. I am considering… Read More

Swimming and sailing in Copenhagen

This summer has been short and cold in the Nordic countries because of a weakened jet stream in the troposphere. But during the weekend everyone went berserk in the wonderful summer weather. Fascinating topics were used for sailing…. Read More