A walk in the shade

Winter came late this year and with a few days of Spring, Summer came with a sustained heat never experienced before.
Walking in the shade along a lake is wonderful.
We went for a great walk along Furesøen in late May with a cooling breeze from the lake.

A few days later we did a walk along the lake one morning.
Greetings of good morning came from everywhere.
A very pleasant walk among happy people.
Sunshine does remarkable things for people’s mood 🙂

6 thoughts on “A walk in the shade

    • It’s a wonderful hilly forest. But the best of it all is that it limits down towards the lake.
      After a walk in the forest, we put the route back along the beautiful lake.
      Inside the banks of the lake there is sand, and the water clocks softly against the beech trees. They dive their roots as if they can not get enough of the lake either 🙂

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