Is this the Mediterranean?

Is this the Mediterranean or the strait between Sweden and Denmark? I have my doubts these days. This month of May beats all records and will be the hottest month ever measured in Denmark. A walk along the… Read More

Why do we love the sea?

I sometimes wonder why the attraction to the sea is that big. But maybe the answers are many. Why do we love the sea? It is because it has some potent power to make us think things we… Read More

Silence between Maria and Lee

Silence between the remains of the two tropical hurricanes, Maria and Lee.

The Stag

If I hurry I can make it before the rain starts. That was my last thought before I rode the bike through the deer park and down to the sea. Beautiful cumulus clouds were building up on the… Read More

Resting among Flowers and Broken Bedrock

I took a rest between flowers and broken bedrock, which form part of a coastal protection along Øresund. Just before I took off, I saw a drawing on one of the stones. A pattern I’ve never noticed before,… Read More

There is an art to wandering

Sometimes I have a heartfelt joy to wander aimlessly. I didn’t plan this walk. A walk among hawthorns and deers towards the coast of Øresund. All my worries are left  and the only thing that counts is the… Read More

A True Story about Unexpected Visitors

Old quarters are second to none when twilight is approaching. Just before Christmas we went for a stroll in Hamlet´s old Helsingore. A visit in the harbour area was a necessity for me. When the profile of Kronborg… Read More