The Stag

If I hurry I can make it before the rain starts.
That was my last thought before I rode the bike through the deer park and down to the sea.
Beautiful cumulus clouds were building up on the horizon, and the weather forecast predicted violent thunderstorms mixed with hail in exquisite places .
The sea was wonderful. Boats were mirroring their white sails in the dark shadows from towering clouds while two kayakers were sliding past me only leaving a faint murmur behind.
On my way back through the forest the clouds became darker and suddenly I hear the familiar sound of thunder while the rain starts pouring down.
While I wait out of the rain, I suddenly see a big stag on the other side of the trail.
A few minutes we look each other in the eyes, then he disappears worthy among the trees, leaving a rush in my stomach.
Maybe it was the same stag I met on a lovely autumn day: A golden moment

22 thoughts on “The Stag

  1. So beautiful photos you’ve taken, Hanna! The house with a thatched roof, and the clouds hanging over, is so nice.

  2. That’s so beautiful in Denmark, I would love to come and see it myself again. So many years have passed that I have been there. Thank you for bringing back sweet memories with your walks, dear Hanna. Regards Mitza

  3. Bautiful photos as as always, Hanna. Seascape as well as the landscape are picture perfect with the dramatic clouds.
    Have a great summer in lovely Denmark. 🙂
    The Fab Four of Cley

    • Thank you Klaus for your wonderful greeting. Denmark’s coastline is worth exploring at the moment. The change in weather has a stunning effect on the views 🙂
      Wish you happy hours all of you! ❤

      • Thank you!
        It’s a pitty that we cannot go to Denmark right now. We know it from years ago.
        Wishing you a happy summertime
        The Fab Four of Cley ❤

  4. I’m so glad you braved the elements — and that you were rewarded with a glimpse of the stag, and with these beautiful photos. Lovely work, Hanna!

  5. Lovely post Hanna, reminds me a bit of the time I was in a pub in the Scottish highlands with some good friends, and you could hear a stag outside. We didn’t go outside for a look as the fire was cozy and the company good, but I have often regretted it. Beautiful photos as ever 😊

    • Thanks a lot, James. I do recognise your experience in some way but sometimes one has to chose and it sounds you were having a lovely time.
      WHEN the next time come you will be in the front line 🙂 🙂

    • I do collect incidents like this one. I remember you wrote that some people pass the most beautiful seldom flowers without notice them. If I hadn’t looked around I might not have seen the stag.
      Thanks Montucky!!

  6. You have some exciting moments in exciting places, Hanna. It is so rewarding when you come face to face with nature.

    • Hi Alen. The best of all is that you never know when such a moment come 🙂 The exciting thing is to find the right places. Then miracles happen, at least sometimes 🙂

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