After The Rain

The rain has continued persistently for two days. This afternoon it stopped. That gave me the opportunity to visit the ducks and the new bridge by the lake.

26 Comments on “After The Rain

  1. La familia de patos está disfrutando de su paseo por el agua. Los pequeños parece que han buscado un tronco para dejarse llevar por las corrientes sin esforzarse demasiado 😉

    • Tienes razón, Magnoliae 🙂 Todos debemos recordar tomar un descanso y disfrutar de la vida ❤

  2. Those reflections in the mirror of the still water surface!! It’s amazing how inspiring those reflections are. I wonder where you took those pictures. Here we haven’t had day this summer without high winds.

    • Hi Ellington. Normally we have a lot of wind in Denmark. This day was an exception. I love the wind. The wind in the trees and the waves. Wonderful sounds ❤
      All the best,

      • The wind is great, according to Bob Dylan so “The answer is blowing in the wind”. 😀

    • Hi Alen. Thanks a lot.
      Oh the ducks! They shared their apparent enthusiasm by straightening a few feathers and falling asleep 🙂

    • Thanks a lot, Jo. I kept my breath so they weren’t disturbed though they hardy noticed me 🙂 🙂 I think the ducks had a relaxing time after the cold rain.

  3. thanks a lot for taking me with you for a wonderful walk, Hanna. I really enjoyed looking a your photos Have a nice sunny day, regards Mitza

    • Entirely my pleasure Mitza 🙂 The sun did shine today. What a blessing.
      Wish you a nice evening and a wonderful new week ❤

  4. Den bildbehandlade bilden överst till vänster är alldeles fantastiskt lyckad, men de andra är också bra. Fast bara en bild kan vara bäst!


    • That lake always has something new to offer, Montucky. It’s a wonderful environment!

    • Thanks a lot, Holly. The walk was a relief after all the rain and very refreshing at the same time.

  5. Wow, flotte billeder. 🙂
    Kom til at tænke på “Det gør ikke noget man vokser op i en svanegård, bare man er født i et andeæg”
    Måske husker jeg det berømte citat upræcist.? 🙂

    • Tusind tak, Drake. Ordsprog kan være forfærdelige: “Man skal ikke skrue hunden på hårene” 🙂
      “Det gør ikke noget at være født i Andegaarden, naar man kun har ligget i et Svaneæg”
      Tak fordi du ‘roder’ 🙂

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