Gathering Sea Sandwort

It is popular to gather food in the wild in Denmark.
Yesterday we picked Sea Sandwort. It tastes like cucumber.

8 thoughts on “Gathering Sea Sandwort

    • I checked that on wiki, Resa 🙂 Seriously that would be awesome if that thing grew in the sand 🙂
      No it’s completely vegetarian ❤
      Hanna XX

    • Hi Alen. We ate the leaves I don’t know if it’s wisely to eat the rest of the plant. What’s interesting is that the taste can vary within a few meters.
      You know, there are many apps that you can install on your smartphone. I found an app that guides you through edible growths in the Danish landscape. You should take a look though it’s in Danish but it’s brilliant.
      Blimey it’s in English too!! : “Wild Food”
      All the best,

    • Hi Montucky. They do look like they thrive. It’s amazing how many plants you can eat while walking though some of them one have to rinse in clean water first. That goes for the sea sandwort.

    • Hello Mitza. It’s an interesting plant that takes the taste of what it grows in. Sand and seaweed are delicious 🙂
      No, seriously it tastes like cucumber ❤
      All the best,

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