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    • I collect these kinds of experiences 🙂 Thank you so much!!
      One day I looked for stag, but it was a very large number of buzzards that got my attention. There might have been a hundred buzzards hovered on thermals just above my head. It was their cry that made me aware of them. It was awesome ❤

  1. Oh, Hanna, what a precious moment! That is almost “once in a lifetime” when everything works perfectly. I guess you will return to that moment often.

    • Dear Leya. Sometimes that kind of experiences encourage to new wishes and ideas. We have an acquaintance who goes hunting. It is rare, he shoots animals. But he is helping to improve the conditions on the hunting location instead.
      The important thing for him is to attend an early morning, when the animals come out into the clearing to graze. The silence, the sun that rises …
      Not that I’m going hunting but it’s the way you act in nature that might give you a lovely time. Walk softly when you… 🙂

      • I do, Hanna. But almost always my dog is with me – but he is taught to be silent. Yesterday I hiked the whole day in a new area (to me) in southern Skåne. I met a pack of about 20 wild hogs – some fled but three big ones stayed and watched me. Big teeth…I find them scary when my dog is with me. I also met deer and a herd of dovhjortar, a mink and some brilliant airperformance of two kites. A fine fox and oh what lovely cows! I believe I will return to this place again even though it is a two hour drive from my home.

      • That was a very adventurous hike, Leya. Thanks for that story!!!
        I’ve heard lots about wild hogs. I wouldn’t be happy if I met such a flock.
        Which town is closest to the area. I’ve had glorious hikes close to Hallamölla – and of course Blekinge and long ago I’ve thought of Fyledalen – a magnificent area to spot all kind of birds of prey

      • The closest town is Lund and the village Hörby. I left my daughter at the airport and then drove north to Häckeberga.
        Fyledalen is a great area – went there years ago. More often, at least once a year, to Söderåsen and the east coast around Kivik and Haväng. Have you hiked there as well?

      • I have walked Söderåsen from north to south several times, divided into stages. The area is absolutely fantastic and varied. I walked up to The Copper Hat from the bottom of the ravine in the dark. That was interesting too.
        I once planned a hike for a friend and I. We followed Verkaån from Hallamölle to Haväng and further to the buss at Vitemölle. That was a stunning hike in early summer!!!
        I’m not sure about Häckeberga –
        I have some additions to walking in Skåne I’ll write tomorrow.
        All the best,

    • 🙂 Hi Mike! Yes, breathless might be the word. The light added an enchanted mood as if I had stepped into an old painting ❤

  2. Wow … what a glorious, truly golden moment you captured! It speaks to what a quiet photographer you are that the deer stood so peacefully for you. Beautifully done, Hanna!

    • Thank you, Heather ❤ I find great pleasure in walking softly and not stress the animals.
      I've seen people running around with their mobile phones to capture the shot of the day. But it seldom pays.
      One have to stay put be patient and then you might be lucky 🙂 🙂
      All the best,

    • Thank you, Kamila. I wasn’t prepared for that beautiful sight in the dark part of the forest. The peace and the animals that was awesome!!
      All the best,

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