Resting among Flowers and Broken Bedrock

I took a rest between flowers and broken bedrock, which form part of a coastal protection along Øresund.
Just before I took off, I saw a drawing on one of the stones. A pattern I’ve never noticed before, even though I have walked many kilometres on bedrock.
My curiosity made me contact a researcher in geology.
Quickly I got a very nice response.
The drawing on the stone is a Ptygmatic Fold.
Watch this linked send to me over variations of foldings.
Our Earth is amazing and so are the help we can get from nice researchers.
Thank you!

10 Comments on “Resting among Flowers and Broken Bedrock

  1. What a sharp eye you have, Hanna — and what a keen sense of curiosity too! You’ve taught me something new today. Thank you.

    • Hello Heather. I might not have noticed the stone if I hadn’t rested for a moment. Sometimes it’s all about coincidences 🙂
      I find that the ability to wonder is a gift. It gives me a lot of unexpected experiences.
      Glad I could contribute with something new!!

      • The ability to experience wonder is an ENORMOUS gift, Hanna. Thank you for sharing it with the rest of us! Your sense of awe, and your ability to find beauty in the world are contagious. xx

    • it is a beautiful place and particular that day when a cooling breeze came in from the sea. Thanks a lot, Karlie.

  2. So that’s what they are called. Now, how do you say that p..t..x.yz. g matic! How am I ever going to remember that? I think i need a new dictionary.
    Great post….and lovely pictures too!

    • It doesn’t matter, as long as you can remember the formula of Hans Ramberg for ptygmatic folds developed under compression 🙂 Thank you, Ash!

    • Thanks Indah. Sometimes I wonder seeing things in nature you cannot explain. Luckily I got pro help for this question 🙂
      Ptygmatic Folds are also to be found in Central Park in New York I learned!
      Wish you a happy week,

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