There is an art to wandering

Sometimes I have a heartfelt joy to wander aimlessly.
I didn’t plan this walk. A walk among hawthorns and deers towards the coast of Øresund.
All my worries are left  and the only thing that counts is the present moment.
Our brain needs a break so our spirit can live.

There is an art to wandering. If I have a destination, a plan – an objective – I’ve lost the ability to find serendipity. I’ve become too focused, too single-minded. I am on a quest, not a ramble. I search for the Holy Grail of particularity, and miss the chalice freely offered, filled full to overflowing.
by  Cathy Johnson, On Becoming Lost

16 thoughts on “There is an art to wandering

  1. Lovely photos Hanna – and the sometimes the best way to see things is to wander aimlessly – we call in ‘bimbling’ over here 🙂

  2. Yes indeed! We are off tomorrow to a particular area but when there, we won’t have a plan. Take it as it comes! There will be sea and shore, some distant mountains, trees and…………….peace of mind.

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