A remarkable summer already

Temperature of 30 degrees is unusual in Denmark, but the spring weather indicates that changes are underway.
May and June have historical temperature records already.
The pictures are from 10th of June. Meteorologists predicted rain, but it evaporated before it hit the ground.
The whole country is hit by massive drought.

9 thoughts on “A remarkable summer already

  1. The weather in Sweden has been beneficial for taking nightly walks. I’m on the island Öland right now, and yesterday there was some very welcome showers of rain. I hope Denmark gets some too! But I love the warmth!

    • Well, nightly walks on Öland would be okay for me too 🙂 🙂 That’s a wonderful idea!
      Thanks a lot for your wishes ❤

  2. Oh no, Hanna! I’m so sorry to hear about the drought. I hope the rains will come soon and that some balance will be restored to nature in your beautiful corner of the world. xx

    • Thanks a lot for your nice words, Heide. I think that rain is coming soon. We have cloudy weather at the moment and temperature is dropping. What a relieve to be able to breath again ❤
      All the best,

    • Thanks Resa!! It’s a kind of spooky since no one knows how the weather will continue.
      Hope the warmth will slow down a bit in Canada too.
      Right now there are clouds in the sky in Denmark. Amazing ❤ 🙂

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