Rush Hour on the Mound

They sit side by side on the hilltop with a magnificent view in front of them. I wonder if they consider that they sit on a 3500 year old burial mound raised over one of those days significant people?

In the present moment, it is completely irrelevant, even if it was a Martian, who had built the mound as a launching pad.

The serenity and depth is so rare and hard to find, but here it is easy to lose yourself in the view and enjoy the fresh scent of the ocean, pine, spruce and moss.

Go out and experience nature

Rush hour på gravhøjen

De sidder side om side på bakketoppen med en formidabel udsigt foran sig. Mon de tænker over, at de sidder på en 3500 år gammel gravhøj rejst over én af datidens betydningsfulde personer?

I nuet er det fuldstændig ligegyldigt, selv hvis det var en marsboer, der havde opført højen som en affyringsrampe.

Roen og fordybelsen er så sjælden og svær at finde, men her er det let at fortabe sig i udsigten og nyde den friske duft af hav, fyr, gran og mosser.

God tur og husk madpakken ❤

Troldeskoven, Tisvilde Hegn

Troldeskoven, Tisvilde Hegn


Map Tisvilde Hegn

16 Comments on “Rush Hour on the Mound

    • Thanks a lot for that comment, Sarah. That means a lot to me!
      Such a compliment do inspire me 🙂

  1. Wow, that looks so beautiful, dear Hanna, and the fact, that it was such an important place 3500 years ago, makes it even more fascinating. Love, Peggy

    • Dear Peggy. It is very fascinating stuff. In a way I wish it was the Vikings who were buried in such a splendid place but it doesn’t quite fit with the era 🙂
      Wish you a lovely weekend,

    • It is a lovely place to explore at any time of day, Alen. Unfortunately I have not experienced a night out there, but I’m sure it would be terribly interesting. If you ever visit Denmark I’ll show you the most intriguing places. There might even be a tomb or two where you can fall backwards, ref. Degas 😉
      All the best,

    • Thank Magnoliae. It is a very exciting area with 50 to 60 mounds. Of course there are many stories and myths around the graves. That lend the place a special atmosphere :-)…and the tranquillity at this time of year is liberating ❤
      Many good wishes from Denmark,

  2. How fascinating that this is a burial mound! What serene pictures. Once again your words and pictures are inspiring, Hanna. It is has been so lovely to see your beautiful country through your beautiful photographs and stories. 🙂

    • Thank you, Jane 🙂
      The burial mound is one among 50 – 60 mounds in a relative small area. The beach and forest have been my favourite for many years.
      I love this place even before it became very popular 🙂

    • Thanks a lot, James. I always wonder what’s inside them 🙂 Who were the people what kind of life – all that sort of questions. Of course one already know many of the answers, but it is not a damper on my curiosity. I guess that’s the joyous part of it all 🙂
      I must add that if the view and tranquillity are like the one at Harehøj my curiosity takes a nap.

    • Dear Mathilda. The pictures are from yesterday. The rain has also paid a visit to Denmark today too 🙂

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