Trolls and Hell, Forest and The Sea

This is Hell in North. That’s the rumour of Tisvilde. The steep and long firebreaks, consisting of loose white sand, are part of a route in an annual runner competition. But there is much more to Tisvilde than… Read More

Views Are Important

I took the train out into the countryside to the north coast of Zealand. Watching the fields enlarging and the view becoming wide as if one climb a mountain. Animals on the field, birds, cloud patterns, colours, contours and… Read More

My Favourite Beach

Tisvildeleje, this beach is my favourite beach in all times of year. In late summer when people are hiding in the dunes to catch the last warmth from the sun, in autumn when the sky is clear and… Read More

Tranquillity in Strong Wind

There is tranquillity in a strong wind. The only sound is the sound of nature, the wind in the trees and the roar of the waves against the shore.

Hiking on the Beach

It’s a long time since I have been here. The best coastline in North Zealand is between Liseleje and Tisvildeleje. When all summer guests have gone home, and the beach is deserted, then the undisturbed tranquillity suddenly materialize… Read More

Rush Hour on the Mound

They sit side by side on the hilltop with a magnificent view in front of them. I wonder if they consider that they sit on a 3500 year old burial mound raised over one of those days significant… Read More

En leg på havstokken

Piet Hein – om at leve i nuet. At leve i nuet er livets teknik – og alle folk gør deres bedste, men halvdelen vælger det nu, som gik, og halvdelen vælger det næste. Og det forrige nu… Read More

Sct. Helene Kilde er én meter fra at styrte i havet

Sct. Helene Kilde er én meter fra at styrte i havet, fortæller arkæolog Liv Appel til nyhederne. Nordsjællands skrænter er voldsomt udsat for erodering som følge af de kraftige storme. Kong Christian den 4. var en flittig gæst… Read More

Havet er –

Vi havde forventet solskin, vi fik regn. Det væltede ned, og vennen min sagde, nu kører vi hjem igen. Mine vandrestøvler sparkede heller ikke i sandet ‘som en gammel cirkushest, der er blevet lovet en ny sæson’. Vi… Read More