Trolls and Hell, Forest and The Sea

This is Hell in North. That’s the rumour of Tisvilde.
The steep and long firebreaks, consisting of loose white sand, are part of a route in an annual runner competition.
But there is much more to Tisvilde than the up to 62 meter high exhausting runway of sand.
It is an outstanding piece of nature and the awesome experiences of mine are countless.
There is an old part of the forest called the Goblin Forest

Getting lost in the forest in the twilight might be a nerve wrecking walk

Inside the forest is an exotic area with many wonderful old juniper trees

The beach is second to none

…and some ‘adults’ couldn’t resist the sea even on a very cold day

The temperature change from warm and pleasant to a sudden cooling

The area is like Heaven on Earth and apparently Hell at the same time.


19 thoughts on “Trolls and Hell, Forest and The Sea

  1. These pictures make the place very tempting. The North Sealand Coast becomes real to me for the first time.

    • Hi Arletta. The whole north coast is spectacular. I think I’ve walked the entire coastline from Kronborg Castle to Hundested. Beautiful views and lovely villages on the way 🙂
      All the bests,

    • Alexander, I was very impressed by those folks. I heard them talking. It was a sudden indictment that made them swim in the cold sea. A sudden action that for sure made them comfortable for the rest of the day :-)…though I wasn’t tempted 😀

    • This area on the north coast of Sealand is rich in forest and beach. Very varied nature, fresh air and a great view of the sky 🙂
      Thanks a lot, Julz ❤

  2. Wow! You take so beautiful and beautiful photos, so well composed. 🙂 The first two photos are absolutely amazing. The same with the pictures on the beautiful pond.

    • Hi John. I see and experience places in the world that are like some kind of “nature temples”. Beautifully combined and with lots of soul. Sometimes it almost in awe trying out photographing 🙂
      Thanks a lot!!!

    • Thanks a lot, Montucky. It’s hard to chose what area to photograph because the walk offers so many different views. Not all areas are photogenic, but they are an important part of the whole and create the variation that is so lively. That’s what I love most when I walk.
      The Goblin forest is a limited area in the forest, but is very interesting. The oldest pines are 200 years old and winds along the earth probably as a result of wind and weather, attacks of pests, and the lean soil.
      Currently, the forest workers are trying to create more heath in the area. That’s a beautiful idea 🙂

  3. “The area is like Heaven on Earth and apparently Hell at the same time.” That’s so well said, Hanna — and so beautifully photographed, too. Lovely post!

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