The Little Windflower

Now the feast is coming to an end for the beautiful little Windflower or Wood Anemone or Thimbleweed or Smell Fox.
Dear child has many names 🙂

16 Comments on “The Little Windflower

  1. Ahora sí que ha llegado la primavera por fin 😉 Disfruta de tus paseos por la campiña danesa, amiga, y una abrazp ❤

    • Querida Magnoliae. Hago lo mejor en este momento 🙂
      La naturaleza está encantada. Espero que estés disfrutando de la primavera también ❤

  2. Lovely pictures, Hanna. 🙂 The second last picture you have caught so well. So beautiful. 🙂

    • That’s how you often see the flowers, shining in the shade and brilliant in the sun.
      Thanks a lot, John!!

    • The names are new to me too, Holly 🙂 But that the nice thing about blogging one comes around a lot of stuff. That’s lovely 🙂

  3. By any name it’s a beautiful little flower and it does a wonderful job of embellishing the setting in which it grows.

    • You’re right, Muntucky. We are always delighted to see when the anemone is working it’s way through the forest floor, it is very life-affirming. Once we did some digging to be sure the flowers were down in the earth somewhere 🙂
      We carefully covered the flowers afterwards so they felt comfortable.

    • Dear Mathilda. Soon Anemonen will be gone because the forest floor is getting darker when the beech forest shade for the light.
      But then Oxalis acetosella (Waldsauerklee) comes forward ❤ 🙂

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