Views Are Important

Melby KirkeI took the train out into the countryside to the north coast of Zealand.
Watching the fields enlarging and the view becoming wide as if one climb a mountain. Animals on the field, birds, cloud patterns, colours, contours and shadows.
Sometimes interrupted by a hedge against the rails then suddenly to surprise with a new landscape, just as if the train emerged from a tunnel.
Why is the extended view so pleasant for the mind. Green rolling fields and endless bluish sea. It is great relaxation.

The church door was open in the newly restored village church. The frescoes were restored, and the tree of life was newly painted in the chapel.

When I approach the beach my mind cross the memory of the last time I was here.
A gale was doing it’s best to give brave windsurfers their life’s adventure.
Today the temperature is very pleasant and I end my walk at a little village from where I can take another train home.
That’s the great thing about Denmark. You are able to plan a lot of exiting walks in nature by taking advantage of train and bus.

Melby Overdrev

Tisvildeleje Strand

Liseleje Strand

Liseleje Strand


Melby Kirke
Train from Hillerød – Melby

25 thoughts on “Views Are Important

    • I know you used them a lot, Samuel. In fact I was very impressed how you managed to get around 🙂
      Melby Kirke is situated quite close to the beach: Melby Kirke
      What about Finland. Are there the same opportunities with busses and trains? Or you might go by boat with all the lakes?

    • Thanks a lot 🙂
      There is fine weather forecast for the days ahead. I look forward to that. The light in the birch forest is one of my favourites.
      That’s the magical thing about the four seasons!!

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