My Favourite Beach

Tisvildeleje, this beach is my favourite beach in all times of year.
In late summer when people are hiding in the dunes to catch the last warmth from the sun, in autumn when the sky is clear and one can see forever, in winter when snow covers the sand, and in summer when children’s laughter fades away light as feathers in the wind.
This is joy!
Go out there and find your own favourite place.

Tisvildeleje Strand

43 thoughts on “My Favourite Beach

    • Thanks a lot, Leya. You can walk for miles enjoying your own company 🙂
      What about “Wallander’s beach”? Österlen? Ales Stenar? Sandhammeran?

    • Hi Alen. The area is more than “just” a beach. Behind the dunes lies a vast grassland which lies up against a troll forest – Yes! A troll forest.
      The windswept pines in the forest stretch their arms and legs in an attempt to escape from the ruthless sea towards the mainland. That gives the impression of a crowded place with orcs and trolls.
      If I have to have shoes on and off while I take pictures, it ends up with sand in the optics….and you better be fit for fight if the pines become alive 🙂

    • Nordsjælland har meget smukke strande. Danmarks store kystlinie er noget af det fineste og afvekslende natur man kan finde. Jeg håber, du finder tid til besøg, hvis lejlighed byder sig.
      Mange gode hilsner,

  1. I love “your favorite place.” I think we all have always, our favorite space, our refuge, where I always turn to meditate and to find ourselves. I have it too. Cheers, Hanna! 😉

    • Thanks a lot for that compliment, Jacint! Refugees are important for keeping our soul intact. I have no doubt that you have favourite places to judge from your photos 🙂
      All the best,

  2. What a beautiful place, Hanna … and what a lovely photo you’ve made of it. I can almost feel the wind on my face and the soft sand under my feet. 🙂

    • Hola Leo. Hay una especie de templos en la naturaleza. Usted puede tener la suerte de encontrar uno de ellos. Cuando los encuentra, uno nunca está en duda. En primer lugar se produce un momento de oro. Una gran alegría y la paz, seguido de inspiración y energía. Mágico! 🙂

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