Never make a decision on an empty stomach

It was cold, it was windy, and he was tired and hungry after a long walk. I’m talking about one of my neighbours. Suddenly he was standing in front of a flooded path in the bog and he… Read More

Stort Julemarked i Lyngby Nordre Mølle

I morgen og søndag den 12. og 13. december afholdes stort julemarked i den gamle Lyngby Nordre Mølle overfor Lyngby Kirke. Jeg skal måske tilføje, at jeg ikke modtager returkommission 🙂 STORT HYGGELIGT JULEMARKED God tur ❤

Experiences in the Twilight

After the night’s storm large amounts of water was pouring into the river from the old mill place. I stood a moment absorbed by the sound and sight. Shortly after entering the forest a sudden movement in the… Read More