The Mill Stream in November

Too much of a good thing can be wonderful. Mae West Map over the Mill Stream

The Light Changes Everything

Saturday morning the fog wraps itself around everything . The light changes rapidly, The contours of people and landscape change. A dreamlike landscape shrouded in mist and fragments of blue sky. The Light Changes Everything.

An inaccessible lake path

You don’t get very far with that pram. A young mother was fighting her way through a muddy forest floor among wild tree roots and even some of the minor slopes. She looked at her smart phone. I… Read More

The Fragrance of a Norwegian Holiday

The fragrance of heather and bog is like an instant journey into the Norwegian mountains.

On My Way To The Grocery

Sometimes it’s a pleasure to walk instead of driving 🙂

Welcome Winter Solstice

Welcome to Winter Solstice. It’s a time for celebration. A time for celebrate the return of light and it certainly is dark and gloomy in Denmark today. I found pictures in my archive to light up the day…. Read More

A walk among sunbathing ducks

This lovely view was part of my exclusive walk from one lake to another. You can see the rest of the pictures on my Danish blog; Naturvandring