Need a short break from the news feed?

When fog, haze and twilight dominate the whole day, and the news are bad, choose the path carefully.
The narrow, winding path is a great way to get closer to nature and feel better for a moment❤️
I cheated and went in sunshine, but I promise you, it works on a hazy day too 😎

18 thoughts on “Need a short break from the news feed?

    • Thanks a lot for cheering 😊 I have taken the advice from a Danish woman who is the head of a sports college in Telemark in Norway.
      The small winding paths draw attention to themselves. Effective and enjoyable meditation ❤️❤️
      All the best,

    • It is an incredibly charming little railway.
      I rode the train one winter in a snow covered landscape. An unforgettable moment ❤️
      Autumn is wonderful as well 🙂
      “The railway opened as Lyngby-Vedbæk railway in 1900 with an aim of serving the industries that had settled in the Mølleå valley to exploit the hydraulic power of the Mølleå. In the early years the railway moved freight for these customers, but today it has been a passenger-only railway for many years.” Wikipedia.
      All the best,

    • Thanks a lot, Anita!!
      It’s amazing what you can experience when you are walking in nature.
      There is a better time to observe, listen and register a vast register of scents. Nature really is a priceless gift ❤️
      All the best,

    • It might be one of the most photographed buildings in Kongens Lyngby because of the location, and the wonderful colours.
      A wonderful example of green living 🍃🍁🍂
      Thanks, Ab!!

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