An inaccessible lake path

You don’t get very far with that pram. A young mother was fighting her way through a muddy forest floor among wild tree roots and even some of the minor slopes.
She looked at her smart phone. I saw a lake on the map, she said. A lake usually has a path. She was deeply frustrated. She had a wish to walk around the lake.
I told her about the neighbouring lake, Lyngby lake, whose path is much more suitable for a pram.
The path around Bagsvaerd lake is lovely but it isn’t suitable for prams all the way around because of a wonderful slightly impenetrable nature 🙂
I had a nice stroll from Frederiksdal to Sorgenfri. A wonderful varied walk.

20 thoughts on “An inaccessible lake path

    • On this walk you can be lucky to see several Kingfishers, Isabel.
      I wonder if you still have your studies in the field?
      All the best to you too,

    • Currently it’s hailing and the leaves fly like butterflies on the first summer day of the year 🙂
      The young mother was heading for her car.
      It is easier to improvise when you are alone and don’t have to navigate a pram. The nature is heavily influenced by heavy rain.
      It seems that rubber boots are the way forward 🙂

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