An inaccessible lake path

You don’t get very far with that pram. A young mother was fighting her way through a muddy forest floor among wild tree roots and even some of the minor slopes.
She looked at her smart phone. I saw a lake on the map, she said. A lake usually has a path. She was deeply frustrated. She had a wish to walk around the lake.
I told her about the neighbouring lake, Lyngby lake, whose path is much more suitable for a pram.
The path around Bagsvaerd lake is lovely but it isn’t suitable for prams all the way around because of a wonderful slightly impenetrable nature 🙂
I had a nice stroll from Frederiksdal to Sorgenfri. A wonderful varied walk.

The deepest and most beautiful lake in Denmark

The lake is very special to me. The stories are piling up. It is as if the lake is a constant source of new adventures.
I have experienced many types of weather conditions by the lake. But the most notable was a day when the fog came rolling across the lake.
We started the day in bright sunlight but suddenly we noticed a big dark phenomena on the lake.
It was the fog that literally rolled over the lake and enveloped us in an instant.
The lake, Furesøen, is the deepest lake in Denmark; 37,7 meters deep and the dimensions are 932 hectares.

Happy walk ❤