A Walk and a Sailing Myth

The small ferry sailing around Frederiksborg Castle resembles undeniably a little boat from Legoland.

However, many people are having a joyous day on the lake with a different view to the castle

Recently I heard on the radio that the little boat is a rebuilt lifeboat from one of the most famous vessels in Danish history:

The ship Jutlandia, a floating hospital, that went on three expeditions from 1951 to 1953 during the Korean War.

That changed completely my perspective on the small ferry, until yesterday, when I did some research.

The shipping company tells the story on their website. The ferry has sailed the lake since 1952, and the story about the lifeboat is so popular that it has almost turned into a truth. Some myths are worth saving 🙂


You can take a wonderful walk around the lake and through the Baroque garden or you can continue towards Gribskov and wilderness.

Click the link to see my beautiful walk towards the mountain in the forest:

Walking from a castle to a mountain on an icy day.

Thieves' corner

Thieves’ corner! This is where abominable greedy men with murky faces hide their precious loot. They watch greedily, while tons of gold ducats, jewellery and gems are poured into treasure chests.
Are you still with me?

That’s the picture I see when I stumble across the place-name Tyvekrogen in English; thieves’ corner. But alas! The reality is less colourful. At least when I search the web.

On the other hand I’ve never checked those houses. That’s a comfort if you just like me are greatly entertained by good stories 😊

Note: Thieves’ corner is a remote clearing surrounded by scrub and woodland.

This is from a joyous walk between two lakes: Vejlesø and Furesøen.

A little note: The residential roads are among the most expensive neighbourhoods in North Zealand – apart from the fishermen’s cabins 😉

A Temple of Nature

High upon a forest slope tucked between the trees stands a bench. Sometimes I climb up the slope just to sit in silence on that bench. A seep emerges at the foot of the hill and all kind of birds come here to drink. Even Hugin and Munin ⚡🙂 A temple of nature.

“And this, our life, exempt from public haunt, finds tongues in trees, books in the running brooks, sermons in stones, and good in everything.” ~ William Shakespeare