A Walk into the Twilight

Winter Landscape, Evening Atmosphere. Finnish painter and textile artist: Fanny Churberg (1845 – 1892)

When the day draws to a close and twilight fills with shadows, I see a new dimension emerges.
A universe where dreams and reality meet.

“Late lies the wintry sun a-bed,
A frosty, fiery sleepy-head;
Blinks but an hour or two; and then,
A blood-red orange, sets again.”
~ Winter-Time
by Robert Louis Stevenson

“You are always able to connect with the stars, no matter where you are. ” ~ Sjón

Ice skating in the sunset. Danish painter: Anders Andersen-Lundby (1841 – 1923)
Returning Home from the Hunt at Sunset. Austrian painter and composer: Désiré Thomassin-Renard (1858 – 1933)
A winter sunset,  Swiss-German painter:  Carl Schlesinger (1825–1893)

23 thoughts on “A Walk into the Twilight

    • It is a wonderful work to study the ancient painters, Barbara. But you are the expert there 😊
      I am happy if I can create a moment of oblivion in the uncertain times we find ourselves in.

    • Is there anything better than dusk in snowy weather? I love the sight, the smell of snow, the muffled sounds…
      Thank you for your comment!!

    • Hi Mike. If anyone knows what snow looks like, it’s you 🙂
      Winter Landscape, Evening Atmosphere painted by Fanny Churberg is exhibited at the Finnish National Gallery and indeed it is fabulous!!

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