Never Skip a Meal

I found myself out on a long walk, a sudden impulse. It may well have something to do with spring.
There was a problem though, I was out of energy.
I checked my backpack. And my excitement was overwhelming when I found a light brown banana, a piece of rye bread from the day before and a forgotten energy bar for dessert.
It was like visiting a Michelin restaurant, metaphorically speaking.
You just have to be hungry enough!
Don’t worry about my health, I usually empty my backpack after I’ve been on a walk 😊

Never forget your packed lunch!
Happy Walk Everyone ❤️

21 thoughts on “Never Skip a Meal

  1. Ja det er jo så meget rigtigt – og om noget er Michelin-agtigt er jo desuden også en personlig sag. Har selv siddet på Alpeskrænter med simple rugbrøds”klumper” nydt sammen med termokaffe. Hvor jeg har følt mig meget mere end bare befindende mig i baronens seng. 😀 😀 😀

    • Jeg elsker at vandre, og i øjeblikket er det uforligneligt i det blomstrende forår.
      Det scenarie kan lokke mig på afveje, så jeg kommer afsted uden mad 😃
      Som jeg skrev til Geoff:
      Jeg kunne godt tænke mig et telt som et i en Harry Potter-film.
      Ubetydeligt udseende udefra, men kommer man ind i teltet, er der masser af mad og vin i kælderen 😎
      Når teltet er pakket, kan det sagtens ligge i sidelommen på rygsækken. Så er der altid dækket op 😊😊

  2. I like this photo in how it brings your eye in to wander the trail front to back, leaving one wondering what adventures are beyond! Thanks for your posts – they are always beautiful and intriguing! 🙂

    • Thanks a lot for your nice comment. The path on which I walk has often fascinated me. At the moment in the spring, the mirabelles form flower-light tunnels and the wind brings scents from the many newly emerged flowers. Paths that wind and meander between the trees, it’s an adventure ❤️

    • Thanks for that! I was happy for this modest meal ❤️
      When impulsivity prevails, you have to take the consequences 😊

    • It’s good to hear others have tried the same thing. The worst is repeating the mistake.
      My luck was that I hadn’t emptied my bag 😊

    • Indeed, Geoff! I would like a tent like one in a Harry Potter movie.
      Insignificant appearance from the outside, but if you enter the tent, there is plenty of food and wine in the cellar 😎
      When the tent is packed, it can easily be in the side pocket of the backpack 😊

  3. Finding something edible in your bag is like reaching into the pocket of a jacket you haven’t worn for months and finding 💵 money, a nice surprise. I will have to start stashing bananas in my pockets for a rainy day! Or maybe granola bars would be a better idea 😀

    • I love the phrase: Money for a rainy day. That is so descriptive.
      I have found money in books on several occasions. My Own Books mind you 😊
      But otherwise they tend to disappear, as if black holes from the universe were installed.
      Thank goodness for the Visa card 😁

  4. Lol. That is an exquisit lunch Hanna! But really! Banana and rye bread, lovely. I used to eat very ripe bananas, I mean VERY ripe. When I opened my bag they came crawling out by themselves. Colleagues went green in their faces when they saw that. But I loved the sweetness and softness, and sometimes when I ate six or seven of them I started to get a little drunk. That last bit is of course a wee bit exaggerated. However, there are animals eating overripe bananas just for that purpose! Anyway, I do have rye bread in da house and tomorrow I’m gonna get me a couple bananas. 🙂

    • Haha! I hope they weren’t crawling, Peter 😃 For a brief moment I also turned green in the face. Thank God you were exaggerating!
      I hope you haven’t eaten too many bananas, even though it’s Saturday 😊

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