Avoid Spider Shelob and The Deep of The Bog

He gallantly stepped aside to let me pass on a narrow forest path. He told me later with a big grin that he was trying to avoid the spider webs.

If I walked in front of him, the road would be paved – so to speak.
Unfortunately, I wasn’t tall enough 🤣

Your bog buddy has to be taller than you. ‘Beth from About Life and Hiking in Cumbria’ gives excellent advices how to avoid the biggest pitfalls, literally. Beth Pipe’s humor is contagious.

“You will require a “bog buddy”. A “bog buddy” is some poor sap who is conned into walking ahead of you, thus identifying the routes not to take. NOTE: for a “bog buddy” to be truly effective they need to be taller than the deepest sections of the bog.” 1. Survival tips for the bog bound

‘Lakeland Walking Tales’ introduces four books about walking. 2. Four Great Books About Lakeland Or Walking
Among them is Beth Pipe’s book: ‘Gin, Cake & Rucksacks’. About a fun tour of the Lakeland distillery with Karen Guttridge, a Facebook friend.

Have fun walking. Watch out for yourself and each other. Watch out for Shelob and do not enter bogs in ‘Stealth Mode’.

Have a Wonderful Happy New Year all of You ✨🎇🎈🎉

24 thoughts on “Avoid Spider Shelob and The Deep of The Bog

  1. Hmmm. Is that why Peggy always insists I walk in from of her in the wilderness. I know that two of my jobs are to clear spider webs and scare away bears. 🙂 The best to you in 2022, Hanna. –Curt

    • Happy New Year, Curt!! I think you’re right about Peggy 😃
      But be very content. She would not insist if you did a bad job 🥇🥇
      All the best,

    • Ah! A bog buddy is better than the best gadget, so it’s a good idea to find one, Tanja.
      He must be kind, but above all he must be tall, and willing to take the lead. The height is important otherwise it requires more packing 😃🎈
      See my response to Robert.
      Best wishes for 2022, Tanja 🌟🎉🥂

  2. Ha! I’m not very tall, by Scandinavian measure, but I guess I could bring a diving mask and snorkel along. I’ve trained my whole life to be a bog buddy, just seem to be irresistibly attractive to mud, it leaps onto my boots and pants whenever I walk. Happy New Year and try not to end up as a midnight snack for Shelob.

    • Haha! A diving mask and a snorkel do not take up much space, so it is an ingenious idea. Waders or even a neoprene suit is also the obvious choice. The extent of mud poses an interesting challenge.
      A sprinkler with swivel nozzles connected to the water bottle mounted one and a half meters above foot level should do the trick.
      Never go down on equipment! 😃
      Welcome to A Wonderful New Year, Robert ✨✨✨

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