The deepest and most beautiful lake in Denmark

The lake is very special to me. The stories are piling up. It is as if the lake is a constant source of new adventures.
I have experienced many types of weather conditions by the lake. But the most notable was a day when the fog came rolling across the lake.
We started the day in bright sunlight but suddenly we noticed a big dark phenomena on the lake.
It was the fog that literally rolled over the lake and enveloped us in an instant.
The lake, Furesøen, is the deepest lake in Denmark; 37,7 meters deep and the dimensions are 932 hectares.

Happy walk ❤

9 Comments on “The deepest and most beautiful lake in Denmark

    • Hi Alen. That’s a lovely challenge as long as it goes on the imagination 🙂

  1. Gorgeous shots, Hanna. I love the one with the stone – where is this lake?

    • Furesøen ligger mellem Farum, Holte og Lyngby. Hvis du går rundt om søen, er der 24-26 kilometer 🙂 Hvis du går forkert et par gange, kommer du hurtigt op på 36 kilometer. Men det er jo ikke engang marathon distance 🙂
      Kram herfra,

    • Thank you, Cindy. The rock reflection is characteristic of the calm weather that day ❤
      The lake is also known for quick change of weather with strong wind and sea.

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