The Light Changes Everything

Saturday morning the fog wraps itself around everything .
The light changes rapidly,
The contours of people and landscape change.
A dreamlike landscape shrouded in mist and fragments of blue sky.
The Light Changes Everything.

20 Comments on “The Light Changes Everything

    • Dear Isabel. I love that kind of natural phenomena. Some of the best I know 🙂
      All the best,

    • Thank you for your lovely compliment, Elisabeth. It was cheer happiness to be there 🙂

    • The experience lasted for an hour ❤ I was just lucky to be out there 🙂
      Thank you, Holly!!

  1. This is a wonderful gallery of very moody, beautiful photos, Hanna. I love this time of year. Mist and fog paints everything so softly and then comes the light and changes it all. ❤

    • Thanks a lot for that, Hanne. Once I saw the fog roll fast over a big lake. It was almost scary that everything changed and disappeared in a huge fluffy grey carpet. Never forget the sight of it. That’s the awesome thing about nature There are many surprises if you are outdoors and keeping your eyes open 🙂
      All the best ❤

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